Leading the way in connectivity

Fibre optic connections direct to your premises

FTTP on Demand

Fibre on Demand is a bespoke full fibre broadband option that we can install directly into your premises. There is an initial survey followed by costings for delivering the service, but the speeds you can receive after this are up to 900Mb download and 115Mb upload. Its available across the UK as the full fibre roll out continues.


Fibre to the Premise availability means full fibre broadband has been deployed locally and is an option for your premises. This service provides the most cost effect full fibre broadband connection in the UK with speeds up to 1Gb download and up to 200Mb upload.

Leased lines

The ultimate in making your business ready for the digital world with uncontended fibre optic cable into your companies premises,  symmetrical services of up to 10Gb,uncontended bandwidth, managed routers, impressive SLA’s and resilience failover options.

Wireless connectivity solutions

Mobile Broadband

With improvements in mobile data speeds, Equate can deploy mobile broadband solutions either within your premise, externally housed, for remote workers to improve resilience, reliability and essentially improve your bandwidth and speeds.


Equate offers enterprise wireless solutions with speeds of up to 10Gb symmetrical with QOS (quality of service enabled), quick installation, high performing SLA’s and no digging or wayleaves required.


Point to point and point to multi point networks could be the ideal wireless solution for you. Cost effective and easy to install with no need for long cable runs and excessive rack mounting this offers a fast and reliable connectivity service at a fraction of the cost of traditional connections.

Copper / fibre hybrid solutions


ADSL2+ is a copper based broadband (Analogue/PSTN) with speeds of up to 24Mb down and up to 2.5Mb upload.


Fibre to the Cabinet is a service that offers speeds of up to 80Mb down and up to 20Mb upload. A very easy deployment as your copper lines (analogue/PSTN) are used from your premises and your connected to fibre optics from your green cabinet down the road.


Gfast is an ultrafast broadband connection with up to 330Mbps download and up to 50Mb upload. Gfast is a variant of FTTC, a fibre overlay to the existing copper network between the exchange and the street cabinet.

Safe, friendly installs

Our highly experienced team of dedicated engineers always carry out their work to the highest of standards and we are 100% covid-19 compliant.

Unsure what solution is best for your business?

Equate will analyse  what your requirements are, what connectivity options are available and recommend the best solutions to help your business adapt to the digital world.

  • Analysis of existing connectivity deployed
  • Bandwidth requirements for cloud software/applications
  • Do you make backups to the cloud
  • Number of users on site and offsite
  • VPN & WiFi requirements
  • Resilience & sla’s required for the office