Equate’s public address systems 

Equate provide a range of Public Address Systems (PA Systems) & Tannoy systems companies serving all industries.

PA systems can be augmented with telephone system interfaces enabling staff to put a call out over the Tannoy system speakers

Tannoy systems enable you to broadcast a short message to all staff or customers at once. Fixed and portable PA and Tannoy induction loop systems are also available to meet the requirements of most situations such as churches, conference centers, banks, schools and medical centers.

Industrial lockdown systems

With firearms crime on the rise and the ever growing threat of terrorist action, now could be the right time to assess your security systems and lockdown procedures. Equate have a range of solutions you can employ to make your staff and customers safe and secure should the worst happen.

Safe, Secure, Reliable

Fully customisable lockdown systems specific for your needs. Equate’s solutions provide extra peace of mind, designed entirely around the layout and current capabilities of your premises, in an emergency you can be sure you have taken all available steps to ensure the safety of the people on your site. 


  • Public address systems
  • Bell timing systems
  • Personal message systems
  • Visual warning systems

Access control

  • Automatic activation systems
  • Door monitoring / Video door entry
  • Wireless / Personal distress systems
  • CCTV and surveillance systems

School lockdown systems

Our integrated and dynamic school lockdown systems provide security where it matters most. Completely scalable, we make sure every solution is custom built to suit the needs of your establishment.

Bespoke solutions for schools

At Equate, we have the products and expertise to design a lockdown solution that works with your specific building layout, existing infrastructure and meet the requirements of your written procedures. 

  • Public address systems
  • Bell timing systems
  • Fully integrated communication
  • Access control
  • Full surveillance systems